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Niyana Yachts


"Love of the sea was a dream and passion for me since my childhood...

My dream and passion from my childhood has started with being a sailor and captain in 90’s.

Even though I was a college student in those years, my passion has strengthened while I was in the army as mariner. My experiences has improved and my wish about being on the sea, went bigger.

Since 2008, after working in every level of seamanship, I had been working under the name of “Niyana Yachts” as the company owner - yacht broker. Our principle is giving high quality and honest services. Hope to be in service for you with successful and happy deals.


"I was thinking in my childhood, sea and seamanship is a life style...

While I was thinking in my childhood, sea and seamanship is a life style; I dreamed about combining this with my job.

In those years, we were recently understanding our country’s geographical advantage and dominance to the seas.

Niyana Yachts; is born with an idea of being a company which works with Europe and whole world with the global terms and international service. We work as a corporate company regarding to its principles and management. But we always feel like an artisan in our job as the excitement and motivation. Our hope is having trustful relationships which can even continue for the next generations of ours.

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